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Office of Research and Development

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Academic Development and Technology Transfer Section

Academic Development and Technology Transfer Section

• Introduction

The Academic Development and Technology Transfer Section is responsible for:

1. all kinds of projects funded by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) as well as projects sponsored by Ministry of Education (MOE) for Research and Development.

2. intellectual property management, marketing, promotion, maintenance and income distribution.

• Mission

Our mission is to:

1. improve the environment for academic research,

2. enhance the collaborations and partnerships with other domestic academic institutions,

3. promote the reputation of our national academic qualities,

4. manage the intellectual property developed by the faculty and students in Chienkuo Technology University(CTU) and promote it to the industries,

5. encourage the inventors in CTU to carry out research and technology development for the benefit and use of society.

• Services  

Administrate the Ministry of Science and Technology projects.

Administrate the Ministry of Education research projects.

※Managing Academic Research funds for the faculty.

※Statistically analyzing the efficacy of research projects and academic achievements.

Patent’s Application and maintenance.

Technology transfer facilitation.

Intellectual property rights consultation.

Intellectual property marketing and income distribution.

• Contacts

Mr. Wan-Lu Hsu

Section Chief

Phone: +886-4-7111111 ext. 1707
E-mail Address: wlhsu@ctu.edu.tw


Ms. Pei-Pei Hsu

Assistant Secretary

Phone: +886-4-7111111 ext. 1705
E-mail Address: ppshyu@ctu.edu.tw


Ms. Shu-Fang Lin


Phone: +886-4-7111111 ext. 1718
E-mail Address: sssifong@ctu.edu.tw